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Multiple Solutions Pittsburgh

​Started in 2021 Multiple Solutions Pittsburgh has brand new hopes and asperations, our goal is to expand and create jobs that will satisfy our customers while paying employees for their hard work. We hope to create a strong bond between residential and commercial clients. We offer free estimates for electrical, HVAC, and landscaping work! Emergency Electrician

Our trained and qualified electricians, handyman, heating and cooling techs, and landscapers are ready for 24/7 emergency calls! Emergency Electrician

Why You Should 

Choose Us

01 Great attitude

We don't believe in being downers at work; our crew is always happy and works with a smile on our faces

02 Courteous Service

The job is not complete until the customer is happy

03 Professional Staff

Clean, well spoken, attentive to needs

04 Excellent service

Knowledgeable in both residential and commercial, the job is guaranteed to be done correctly and to the highest standards


05 Emergency Service

Our staff includes emergency electricians, handyman, heating and cooling techs, and landscapers to handle all jobs any time of the day or night!

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